Cake Stand Rentals

One of the great services we have here at The Specialty Shop is our Cake Stand Rentals. We have just recently upgraded this page with our most popular stand rentals. We still do have other stands available as well.

Cake stands provide your cakes and cupcakes with a stylish display for your special occasion. Our stands are rented up to 5 days for the rental fee with a security deposit. You can pick them up starting Tuesday; and all stands are due back on the following Monday. We have economy packages for sets of single stands available, please ask about them.  

You can now click on the "Request Reservation" button to check the availability of the stand. However, we still encourage you to call and reserve the stand if you are interested and if you have additional questions.

Cake stands are rented on a contract basis and require a security deposit by a hold of the dollar amount on a credit card or cash. The cash deposit or the credit card authorization is returned to you upon the return of the stand according to the contract terms. 

You can find our rental section in the back of the store where a sales associate can help you with your reservation and rental contract. 

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